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Slate- Rectangle- Duxbury Memorial Park

Our namesake product! Embed your memories on one of our ten shapes and sizes of beautiful rock slate.

Stock Price: Starting at $24.95 (see below)
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Say goodbye to photo paper! We take your images and give them a stunning presence in any room of the house. Nothing says unique like a graduation photo, vacation spot, or other favorite memory on rock slate!

What photo will you have printed?

Here are some samples from our friends and family.

Example Slate    12309546_1732864033601195_6301986020640194865_o    Graduation Slate

Your Options

See all the shapes and sizes our slate comes in, and a complete stock listing!

 Blank Shape Size Price Our Stock
Slate- Rectangular (Small) 1 Rectangle Small – 5 x 7 $29.95
Slate- Rectangular (Large) 1 Rectangle Large – 11 x 7 $44.95
Slate- Square (Small) Square Small – 6 x 6 $24.95
Slate- Square (Large) Square Large – 8 x 8 $44.95
Slate- Bell (Small) Bell Small – 6 x 7 $29.95
Slate- Bell (Large) Bell Large – 8 x 8 $34.95
Slate- Cloud Cloud 8 x 8 $34.95
Slate- Contour Left Left Contour 8 x 8 $38.95
Slate- Contour Right Right Contour 8 x 8 $38.95
Slate- Full Oval (2) Large Oval 9 x 14 $49.95