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We make cases for all iPhone models from the iPhone 4 to the 7! Everyone needs a durable iPhone case, and who wouldn’t want one custom made?

Models: 4/4S, 5/5S, 5C, 6/6S/+, 7
Price: $19.95
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Everyone loves iPhone cases! Tina offers all recent iPhone models in both black and white, with other colors available for the 5C. Custom iPhone cases are simply a must have! Personalize your phone today!

Built to last–and impress!

Our iPhone 6/6+ and 7 cases are built just like Apple’s brand of case, and it offers a similar level of protection. Our iPhone 4 and 5 cases offer comparable protection to an Otter Box, with a similar design. As for the iPhone 5C, our cases are perfectly designed to showcase the color of your phone while showing your friends just how unique you are with a custom photo on the back!

All of our iPhone cases are available in black and white.
Our 5C cases are also available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Clear.

What will you order?

Here are some samples from our friends and family.

Example iPhone cases  Accessories- iPhone (2)  IMG_5106

Take a Closer Look!

See all our iPhone Models up close. Please note that the iPhone 7 case is substantially similar to the iPhone 6/6S case, and is therefore not pictured.

Model Back Side Side Bottom
6/6S/+ Accessories- iPhone 6 Group- 4 Accessories- iPhone 6 Group- 5 Accessories- iPhone 6 Group- 1 Accessories- iPhone 6 Group- 6
5/5S Accessories- iPhone 5 (1) Front Accessories- iPhone 5 (3) Vol Button Accessories- iPhone 5 (7) Side Detach Close Accessories- iPhone 5 (5) Bottom
4/4S Accessories- iPhone 4, White (1) Front Accessories- iPhone 4, White (3) Vol Button Accessories- iPhone 4, White (7) Side Detach Close Accessories- iPhone 4, Black (5) Bottom