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Key Hangers

One of our customers’ favorite products! Our slate clocks make beautiful additions to any room.

Stock Price: $74.95     With Stand: $87.95
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Each clock is included with a hanger mechanism and requires one AA battery to function. With an optional heavy-duty stand, it can double as a table clock (add $13 for stand).

All clocks measure 15.5 x 9.5 inches.



Each clock has a hanging assembly and a mechanism for the clock hand. Clock stands are sold separately.

Housewares- Clock (3)  Housewares- Clock (6)  Housewares- Clock (8)  Housewares- Clock (7)

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We’ve taken some of our best photos and put them on our slate clocks.

Housewares- Clock- Scituate Light
Scituate Light Sunset
Housewares- Nubble Light Clock
Nubble Light
Housewares- Clock- Scituate Light Day
Scituate Light Day