CleanSlate Logo (Small)Policies

is committed to providing you with the best service and highest quality product! In keeping with this, we advise you of several of our policies affecting customer relations and quality control.

Custom Image Quality:

Be advised that we cannot guarantee high quality for all custom photos. Because many photos are taken with cell phones, sometimes photo quality becomes blurred when we transfer it to our product. For best results, we suggest that you send us a photo that has a resolution of at least 200 DPI. We will still be happy to fulfill orders of photos with a lower resolution, but we just cannot guarantee HD quality in such cases. If you have any questions about the quality of your photo, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Price Changes:

CleanSlate by Tina reserves the right to change prices of inventory and custom orders at any time. It also reserves the right to set different prices h Price changes will never be applied retroactively, and the original price of a product that has recently undergone a price change will be honored in the event that it needs to be replaced.


CleanSlate by Tina may offer discounts and “coupon codes” from time to time, which are applicable on our Etsy page. Other discounts may be applied to an order on a case by case basis. A discount in one particular sale does not guarantee that it will apply to future purchases.


CleanSlate by Tina ships anywhere in the United States. We currently do not ship internationally.

Return Policy:

All sales made directly through CleanSlate by Tina are final. This includes custom orders as well as orders from our stock. Purchases from independently owned stores are subject to each store’s respective return policies.

Disclaimer for Improper Display:

Please be advised that CleanSlate by Tina cannot be held responsible for poorly stored or displayed product that results in damage to the item. This includes, but is not limited to, slate that topples or falls off walls due to improper hanging or improper assembly of the hanging mechanism by the buyer. Certain product, such as our large 11×7 slate or wall clock, is not recommended for vertical display with plastic feet due to size and weight. Please be sure to read any instructions and/or warnings that may accompany our inventory on our product pages.

Defective Product:

Malfunctioning or defective product may be replaced at no extra cost, provided that the buyer is not responsible for the defect. Defects including, but not limited to, broken stands or malfunctioning clock mechanisms may be replaced. Defects including, but not limited to, slate that breaks after purchase may not be replaceable. If you believe you qualify for a replacement, please fill out the form below!

Request a Replacement:

To initiate a replacement request for defective product, use the form below: