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CleanSlate by Tina
 is a project based out of a home in Marshfield, Massachusetts. It is owned and operated by Christina Racicot, a loving wife and wonderful mother. She works with her husband, Dennis, and her son Christopher.

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Christina Racicot

Tina’s project began in fall 2013 with an idea. As a Christian, she knows that she is a sinner who is saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. God forgave her of her sin by no merit of her own. What she puts on her fresh “slate” in life is up to her, but when she begins, it is not a cracked, fractured, dented, or broken slate; it is not distorted, misshaped, or scratched and marred. It is a clean slate. Tina began CleanSlate by Tina with the hopes of sharing with others–literally and figuratively–how they too can get their own clean slate.

Printing photos on slate is symbolic of the freedom that Tina feels in her relationship with Christ. Her faith was a motivational factor in the name and meaning of the project. With this background in place, Tina shares her memories and favorite locations with others on this “clean slate,” and she invites others to do the same!