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Our Staff

CleanSlate by Tina is a project based out of a Marshfield, Massachusetts home. It is staffed by Tina and her family, who help her make the awesome product you see here!

Christina Racicot 

Owner & Designer


Tina is our fearless leader and creativity engine! She makes the product, puts her foot in the door, and gets the word out about her work! Her passion for lighthouses and other scenery has been her motivation for this project.

Chris Gavrielidis 

Marketing & Web Design


Chris assists with the web presence and marketing. He likes to show off Tina’s work by advertising and making it accessible online. He also manages Tina’s social media presence.

Virginia Gavrielidis 



Virginia helps Tina out by modeling for different product with her husband, Chris. Together, they form the “face” of CleanSlate by Tina!

Dennis Racicot 

Business & Photography


Dennis is a little camera shy, which is ironic because he’s our photographer. When he’s not saving the world one photo at a time, Dennis manages the finances and business of CleanSlate by Tina.

Social Media


About Tina



Christina is a born-again Christian who believes she was given a "clean slate" through faith in Christ. For more on how her faith has shaped her goals for CleanSlate by Tina, click here!

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Direct all legal and business inquiries to

Chris Gavrielidis.


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