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Our Policies & Legal Notices

CleanSlate by Tina is committed to providing you with the best service and highest quality product! In keeping with this, we advise you of several of our policies affecting customer relations and quality control.


Our Business


CleanSlate by Tina was founded by Christina F. Racicot (“Tina”) in 2013. It is not a formally organized company, but maintains a business (d/b/a) certificate in the Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts.


Our Website, including the CleanSlate Online Store, is hosted by its parent site, Both and are domains owned and managed by Christopher J. Gavrielidis.


Legal, Web & Business Inquiries


All legal and business inquiries, and any questions about this website should be initiated with the Webmaster.


Custom Image Quality


Be advised that we cannot guarantee perfect quality for all custom photos. Because many photos are taken with cell phones, sometimes photo quality is not optimal for our products. (Generally, the quality of the product will match the quality of the photo we are provided.) For best results, we suggest that you send us a photo that has a resolution of at least 200 DPI. (If you’re unsure whether your photo is 200 DPI, we can tell you—just ask!) We will still be more than happy to fulfill orders of photos with a lower resolution—but we just cannot guarantee top quality in such cases. We remind our customers that custom orders cannot be returned (see Return Policy below). If you have any questions about the quality of your photo, please do not hesitate to contact us!




We regret that we are unable to provide a system for proofing your custom order prior to consulting directly with us. Reach out to Tina directly to inquire as to whether your photo will work with our product, and whether the quality is sufficient (see Custom Image Quality above). If you place an order on our website and, prior to shipping, we find that your photo will not work with our product, we will issue a refund. Rest assured, the vast majority of photos are compatible with our product!


Use of Submitted Photos


By placing a custom order and uploading your photo on the CleanSlate Online Store, you consent to the use and display of your photo on CleanSlate by Tina advertising material, including material used on this website. Photos sent by email for proofing or inquiry purposes only will not be used.


Intellectual Property Notice


All graphics on including, but not limited to the website logo, seasonal logos, and advertising material are the original creative work of Christopher J. Gavrielidis unless otherwise indicated and cannot be used without express written permission. The CleanSlate logo, including seasonal variations, includes an artistic edit of a photograph of our rock slate, the words “CleanSlate” together, without a space, with an enlarged “t” to resemble a cross, and the words “by Tina” in Christina Racicot’s handwriting. All web graphics are copyright © 2018 Christopher J. Gavrielidis unless otherwise stated.


Any and all icons depicting Google or social media websites are not claimed as the property of CleanSlate by Tina or Christopher J. Gavrielidis. Said logos are the property of their respective brands. The graphics used on the footer of every page, which depict Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, were created by FIVEicons LLC (profile link here). CleanSlate by Tina is grateful that FIVEicons has made their icons available for public use.


All professional photography on this website is the work of Dennis J. Racicot and is © 2018 Dennis J. Racicot Photography unless otherwise indicated. Our branding image, which includes Portland Head Light, is an iconic landmark in the State of Maine. Though frequently photographed, any and all images depicting Portland Head Light which are found on were taken by Dennis J. Racicot. Any resemblance to photographs taken by other artists is purely coincidental.


Notwithstanding any of the above notices, CleanSlate by Tina assumes no proprietary or intellectual property interest over any of the following: the photographs submitted by our customers (even if such photos are utilized in advertising material on this website), social media logos or other designs owned by Twitter or Facebook (i.e. as displayed in their respective widgets), or any clipart or free online stock images (i.e. the fixed position background photo, which is a stock photo owned and freely distributed to users of the Sparkle Visual Web Design application).


Price Changes & Discounts


CleanSlate by Tina reserves the right to change prices of inventory and custom orders at any time. Price changes will never be applied retroactively, and the original price of a product that has recently undergone a price change will be honored in the event that it needs to be replaced.


CleanSlate by Tina may offer discounts and “coupon codes” from time to time. Other discounts may be applied to an order on a case by case basis. A discount in one particular sale does not guarantee that it will apply to future purchases.


Online Purchases


The CleanSlate by Tina online store is a secure application powered by Open Cart, a third party online shop manager, with all payments processed through Square. Our online store is hosted by CleanSlate by Tina and its parent site,, and backed by an up-to-date SSL certificate. Square is a trusted vendor for online shops for small businesses like CleanSlate by Tina. Open Cart is an online shopping platform expressly endorsed by Square. CleanSlate by Tina ships online orders anywhere in the United States. We regret that we cannot ship internationally.


In Store Purchases


CleanSlate by Tina does not own or rent physical retail space, and accordingly, it does not offer public accommodations. All business is conducted online or through an artistic co-operative enterprise (“co-op”) or other independently owned retail space. The co-ops are independently owned stores where local artists exhibit their crafts for sale. They are open to the general public. CleanSlate by Tina does not have an ownership interest in these co-ops or retail spaces.


Return Policy


All sales for custom product made directly through CleanSlate by Tina are final once the item(s) has/have been made. Product selected from our stock may be returned for a refund if requested within seven (7) days. Purchases from independently owned stores where CleanSlate by Tina products are sold are subject to each store’s respective return policies.


Defective Product


Malfunctioning or defective product may be replaced at no extra cost, provided that the buyer is not responsible for the defect. Defects including, but not limited to, broken stands or malfunctioning clock mechanisms may be replaced. Defects including, but not limited to, slate that breaks after purchase may not be replaceable. If you believe you qualify for a replacement, please reach out to us by email.


CleanSlate by Tina is not responsible to any damage to iPhones resulting in drops or falls while using one of our iPhone cases. While we are confident that you will be satisfied with our cases, we remind our customers that they offer protection against reasonable accidents such as minor drops and falls. We make no representation that our cases will protect against long falls, throws, or other unreasonable exertion of force.


Please be advised that CleanSlate by Tina cannot be held responsible for poorly stored or displayed product that results in damage to the item. This includes, but is not limited to, slate that topples or falls off walls due to improper hanging or improper assembly of the hanging mechanism by the buyer. Certain products, such as our large 11×7 slate or wall clock, are not recommended for vertical display with plastic feet due to size and weight. Please be sure to read any instructions and/or warnings that may accompany our inventory on our product pages.


Online Privacy


CleanSlate by Tina utilizes Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of this site, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network. Personal data collected: Cookie and Usage Data. Place of processing: United States of America. Find Google's privacy policy here.

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About Tina



Christina is a born-again Christian who believes she was given a "clean slate" through faith in Christ. For more on how her faith has shaped her goals for CleanSlate by Tina, click here!

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