And he who was seated on the throne said “Behold, I make all things new.” [Rev. 21:5]

Home & Office Products

Checkbooks & Wallets

Starting at  $19.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Generic checkbook covers can be stylish and nice, but at CleanSlate, get your own image printed on one!

Our wallets are a feminine style with various pockets and room for cards.  Our checkbook covers are good for men and women and have room for up to four cards.


Checkbooks ($19.95)

Wallets ($24.95)

Coat Racks

Price:  $54.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Like our key hangers, our coat racks are another way to add some creativity and personalization to your home.  They also make it easy to mark your territory.  Is that your spot on the coat rack?  Now they can see your name on it!

Decorative Tiles

Starting at  $12.95 — Call or Email to Order!

There are many unique things you can do to give your home some extra personality.

Where you live is not just a house or a shelter.   Where you live is not just a home, but your home.   Make it yours by personalizing it in a way that most people don't!


Small ($12.95)

Medium ($17.95)

Large ($44.95)

Home Signs

Price:  $44.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Nothing says “home” like the family name, or a warm custom greeting.  Give your guests a proper welcome when they step onto your porch or into your breezeway!

Key Hangers

Price:  $39.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Check out our key hangers for that extra touch in your home!  Choose from our stock or make your own.

This product is good for creativity or for reminding each family member that they have a specific and valuable place on the key hanger.  Have names or pictures printed above each hook!

Mantle Clocks

Price:  $64.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Our brand new mantle clocks come with a beautiful wooden frame with two panel inserts.  That means we can print up two images for you, or split one image between both panels.

(Batteries not included.)

Metal Panels

Price:  $49.95 — Call or Email to Order!

One of our multi-use metal panels can be a great addition to your home or office.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Make a sign for a kid’s room or for your office, or get a portrait imprinted on sleek aluminum!

Mouse Pads

Starting at  $9.95 — Call or Email to Order!

For those who work long hours at a computer, how about a subtle little accessory to remind you who’s waiting for you after you log off?  Or your favorite vacation spot?

(Mouse not included.)


Regular ($9.95)

Gel Wrist Pad ($17.95)

Pocket Mirrors

Price:  $9.95 — Call or Email to Order!

Pocket mirrors—one of those personal items that some folks use every day.  Ladies, why not get a personalized pocket mirror?

Our stock includes sunsets, lighthouses, and fountains, but you can customize your own mirror with any image in our gallery or one of your own!

Slate Clocks

Starting at  $74.95 — Call or Email to Order!

One of our BESTSELLING products! Our slate clocks make beautiful additions to any room. Each clock is included with a hanger mechanism and plastic feet for horizontal display.

With an optional heavy-duty stand, it can double as a table clock.


Optional stand sold separately (add $13.00).


Single AA battery (not included).



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